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Hairstyles for Grey Hair

2018-06-08T17:10:10-07:00By |Hair Color, Hair Tips, Hair Trends|

A hairstyle that looked good on you in your 20s might not have the same effect in your 40s or beyond. Should women shorten their hair the older they are? Is there even such a thing as an age appropriate haircut? While plenty of women are still covering grey hair, there are many flattering [...]

Cuts That Don’t Go Out of Style

2018-07-15T10:31:28-07:00By |Hair Tips, Hair Treatments, Hair Trends|

If you’re looking for a new style, think old! Well, not exactly old, but styles that have been around for quite a while anyway, but that haven’t gone out of style. The Pixie—Pixies of the past (think Twiggy) were less forgiving than the pixie of today. They were flatter to the head then and can [...]

Straight or Curls? You Choose…

2018-07-15T10:36:28-07:00By |Hair Tips, Hair Treatments, Hair Trends|

Thinking of having your hair straightened? Or would you prefer curls? Here are a couple straightening processes, as well as some info about having curly hair that doesn’t involve you flatironing or using a curling iron every day. Thermal Reconditioning/Japanese Straightening Japanese hair straightening (thermal reconditioning) is a process that leads to permanent hair straightening. [...]

It’s Back-to-School Time!

2018-07-15T10:37:15-07:00By |Hair Color, Hair Tips, Hair Trends|

5 Back-to-School Trends Worth an A+ It’s back to school time! A haircut is probably on your list of to-dos, but you might want to do something a little different this year. I have some tips on changing up your look that are worth an A+. Coloring your hair can freshen up your look, but [...]

Choosing the Right Hairstyle for You

2018-07-15T10:49:40-07:00By |Hair Trends|

We all want to look our best and our hair often figures prominently into not only how we look, but also how we feel. Having the right hairstyle can make you look professional, casual, cutting edge, older, or even younger. There are many things to consider when you're looking for the right hairstyle to try. [...]

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