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Hairstyles for Grey Hair

2018-06-08T17:10:10-07:00By |Hair Color, Hair Tips, Hair Trends|

A hairstyle that looked good on you in your 20s might not have the same effect in your 40s or beyond. Should women shorten their hair the older they are? Is there even such a thing as an age appropriate haircut? While plenty of women are still covering grey hair, there are many flattering [...]

Is Dry Winter Air Ruining Your Look?

2018-07-15T10:12:37-07:00By |Hair Tips, Hair Treatments|

Happy New Year! Let’s start it out right! Winter time in Arizona wreaks havoc on our hair and skin. The air is even dryer and that means more electrons, which create static electricity! Hair gets full of static in the winter due to the lack of moisture in the air. Our heaters at home cause more dry air, [...]

Solutions for Frizzy Hair

2018-07-15T10:18:28-07:00By |Hair Products, Hair Tips, Hair Treatments|

You may love your wavy hair, but not the frizzy fly-aways you get when you brush those curls. Hair is made up of three layers and thousands of cells. But the reason you get frizzy hair is because your hair’s outer layer, the cuticle, looks kind of like a shingled roof. When hair is smooth, [...]

Easy Summer Styles

2018-07-15T10:26:21-07:00By |Hair Products, Hair Tips, Hair Treatments|

It’s so hot out and some days all you can think about is that heavy head of hair you’re carrying around. Even if your hair isn’t heavy or super long, there are plenty of ways you can keep cool during the summer without spending a lot of time on your hair. Here are a few easy summer styles and ideas:

Cuts That Don’t Go Out of Style

2018-07-15T10:31:28-07:00By |Hair Tips, Hair Treatments, Hair Trends|

If you’re looking for a new style, think old! Well, not exactly old, but styles that have been around for quite a while anyway, but that haven’t gone out of style. The Pixie—Pixies of the past (think Twiggy) were less forgiving than the pixie of today. They were flatter to the head then and can [...]

Healthy Year Healthy Hair

2018-07-15T10:32:06-07:00By |Hair Color, Hair Products, Hair Tips, Hair Treatments|

Are you guilty of starting each New Year with resolutions that don’t make it to February? Well, this is the year to start being kinder to your hair. Once you see how great your hair looks and feels, you’ll want to continue to keep your hair healthy all year long. Starting now means there’s time [...]

Monica’s December Product Guide

2023-10-18T03:43:33-07:00By |Hair Products, Hair Tips, Hair Treatments|

It’s that time of year again! When we think about buying thoughtful gifts for our friends and family, as well as to show our appreciation for coworkers and employees. Since we want those in our lives to look their best, I’ve created a list of some of my favorite products. For hair on your head [...]

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