A hairstyle that looked good on you in your 20s might not have the same effect in your 40s or beyond. Should women shorten their hair the older they are? Is there even such a thing as an age appropriate haircut? While plenty of women are still covering grey hair, there are many flattering hairstyles for grey hair if you prefer your natural grey hair.

I have always believed that a hairstyle (haircut/color/shape/texture) has more to do with personality; how someone carries themselves, and their lifestyle, rather than facial shape, skin tone, or even age. The biggest thing to remember is how important your personality and lifestyle contribute to the hair you have or want. Short hair might work best if you live an active life and don’t want to bother styling it or blowing it dry. Long hair can still be appropriate if it works well with your facial structure and schedule.

Here are some great tips on helping your mature hair make you look fresh and fabulous:

  • Keep it healthy. Nothing ages someone faster than drab, stringy hair without shine, especially if it’s long. Your hairstylist will choose the products that will suit your needs to achieve healthy, shiny hair.
  • Keep it groomed. Do not skip the maintenance. We might get away with having sexy, messy hair in our younger years, but later in life, it just looks careless and sloppy.
  • Keep the lines flowing. Avoid any harsh colors, lines, and angles, which will enhance any lines in your face.
  • Keep it soft and in natural colors. For the most part, don’t be afraid of natural grey hair, as there are several hairstyles for grey hair that can actually make you look younger than if you had colored it.

There is no such thing as specific haircuts that are appropriate for a certain age group only. The lines are much more diffused than they ever were and there are a wide range of choices for gorgeous hairstyles at any age and in a variety of colors. Keep it soft and flowing and fun, but most of all, keep it uniquely you. Whether it’s long or short, you want to color grey hair, or you prefer your natural grey hair, we can look at which hairstyles for grey hair (or any color) look best on you.