Brazilian BlowoutI have found that Brazilian Blowouts are revolutionary! They can change lives. Seriously, I hear it every day. Anyone that has had the Brazilian Blowout service has had some or many aspects of their lives changed. To understand that, we must first debunk what some people say about them or have heard of them.

1) It is NOT a relaxer or a reverse perm. It was not designed to straighten hair (however, in many cases it does, depending on your hair type), it was designed to smooth hair and eliminate frizz and reduce drying time. This means less extra product for you to use on your hair to tone down the frizz, and it saves time on drying the hair, which equals more time for you in the morning or evening.

2) It can be done the same day color is (I recommend this). It locks in the color and increases the shine, and you literally go home with an entirely different head of hair! The one that you want.

3) You can still curl your hair, and its volume will remain.

Now that that is out of the way, as I mentioned, this service is for almost  everyone. I have never heard a regret from any single person that I have performed this service on either. I’ve done many Brazilian Blowouts on all types of hair. Curly hair that needs a little more control, straight hair that is frizzy, fine hair that is frizzy and unruly  – not to mention over processed or damaged hair to get your locks on the road to healing.

In my 30+ years of experience, I can honestly say that this service is for you and/or someone that you know to simplify your lives and to finally get the hair that you want.

Summer is a great time to get your hair into shape. If you have ever been interested in a Brazilian Blowout and just weren’t sure it was for you or what it was all about, I hope this answers some of your questions.

Please remember that consultations are always complimentary.