Easy Summer StylesIt’s so hot out and some days all you can think about is that heavy head of hair you’re carrying around. Even if your hair isn’t heavy or super long, there are plenty of ways you can keep cool during the summer without spending a lot of time on your hair. Here are a few easy summer styles and ideas:

1. Cut it off!
Why not? It’s as good a time as any to try a short style – or just a shorter style if you still want to keep some length. Short hair is often easier to manage and can be cooler if it’s not clinging to your neck or getting in the way of your swimming laps.
2. Curl before pony.
Why just pull your hair back into a boring ponytail when you can get a whole different look by curling it first? This technique can give you volume and can also make your look a little less blah. It’ll look as though you spent a lot of time on it, but only you will know you didn’t.
3. Braid or twist.
Simply braiding or twisting your hair so it’s away from your face and out of your way can give you a sleek, polished look without too much work. Taking the hair out of this style later in the day can even give you beautiful waves without your having to do anything extra!
4. Get beach hair.
We love the tousled locks we get after playing in the surf, but a trip to the ocean isn’t always something we can do – especially if it’s just to get that beach hairdo. Using L’anza’s Healing Style Beach Spray gives your hair sexy waves with its natural sea salt formula that also includes Keratin Healing Technology and Ocean Botanical ingredients.
5. Use fewer products.
Double duty products like Woody’s Hair & Body Wash for men saves time when your man is getting squeaky clean. It has a wonderful woody fragrance and foams to make it easy to use all over.

Cut it, keep it, beach it, or add a woodsy scent to it. No matter what you plan on doing with your hair, there are plenty of easy summer styles I can help you achieve!