Cuts That Don't Go Out of StyleIf you’re looking for a new style, think old! Well, not exactly old, but styles that have been around for quite a while anyway, but that haven’t gone out of style.

  1. The Pixie—Pixies of the past (think Twiggy) were less forgiving than the pixie of today. They were flatter to the head then and can still be cute today, though we fluff it up a bit now. We also use more product today than yesterday to get different looks with this cut.
  2. The Flip—Not like Mary Tyler Moore, but soft up-turns around any style. It’s versatile, too, as you don’t always have to flip it up.
  3. The Bob—The bob of today is a bit edgier than that of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Today we can have soft layers or choppy layers; nothing that requires that perfect blow dry.
  4. The Ponytail—Ponies have changed a lot over the years. Add a twisted braid to it or make it high or lower so it’s personalized to your individual self.
  5. Waves—They sure have come a long way from the perfect coiffed rolls, to what is “in” now.  The deconstructed wave is what we are seeing today. After the waves are created, they are broken apart to get the look you want.
  6. Disconnected Cuts—the newest trends for both men and women. This look is relatively new for women, but for men, it has come back from the early 1900s to the 1930s.

Give me a call to see how we can create a blast from the past with your lovely locks!