Ideas for Creepy Halloween Looks

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. In my family, it was a time to gather. We’d all get ready together, doing each other’s hair and makeup, before going out to Trick-or-Treat. As my Halloween gift to you, a little inspiration for a fun and creepy night.

1.Classic Goth
I love the simplicity of all black. It’s an easy, DIY look and is subtle enough to wear to the office. Pair with a slinky black dress for a night out as Elvira or go vamp with a set of fangs.

2. Steampunk
The Victorian meets industrial style is all about accessories. Pair a vintage hat and goggles with a dark suit (guys) or white blouse and long skirt (ladies) for an easy Steampunk costume. Add metallic details—glue or sew on gears or washers—to take it up a notch.

3. Sugar Skull
Though it can be a bit of work, Sugar skull makeup is worth the effort. Stick with black and white and simple shapes to do-it-yourself.

4. Makeup Mask
If Sugar Skull makeup isn’t your thing, try this simple alternative. Use any beads or jewels you like as accents. Be sure to use a latex-based, costume glue (meant to be used on skin). Ben Nye is a good brand and can be found at costume stores.

5. Splatter Nails
There’s so much you can do with this fun and easy nail decoration. Go with bold, neon colors for an 80’s themed costume. Or wear solo in “blood” red for a gruesome, but office friendly option. A straw is all you need. Check out Miss Holly Berries’ blog for a how-two video and written instructions plus more photos like the one above.