5 Back-to-School Trends Worth an A+

It’s back to school time! A haircut is probably on your list of to-dos, but you might want to do something a little different this year. I have some tips on changing up your look that are worth an A+.

  1. Coloring your hair can freshen up your look, but what about using your school colors? Bright and fun hair color is on trend this fall and you’ll be sure to get noticed!
  2. Structured cuts for guys are in and oh, so chic! Product is usually needed to help hold the shape, but a good cut can do wonders for giving you a new look.
  3. A loose topknot is an easy, yet stylish way to keep your hair out of the way. A haircut that allows strands to wisp around your face softens the look while making a casual style look elegant.
  4. Accessories like headbands can dress up a simple hairstyle. Choose a bohemian pattern, one with delicate accents, or a plain leather band to keep your locks under control.
  5. Hair that moves and looks a little messy requires a cut that allows strands to shift when you move, but isn’t choppy. Casual enough for every day, this cut can quickly be dressed up.

No matter if you’re finishing elementary school or starting college, there’s no need to study about how to give your hair a fresh new look. Let me help you figure out how to get you through school without any bad hair days.