Need a quick change without making a big commitment? Try one of my 5 favorite tips for mixing it up.

01 Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!!!  
Accessorizing is a product of your personal style.  Whether it’s a headband, a flower, a scarf, or a barrette…be creative.  For example, I have done simple French twists or buns (chic or messy) and have adhered jewelry, such as a grandmother’s earring or brooch, to the hair.

02 What is YOUR Part?  
Parting your hair:  Believe it or not, changing your part will get you noticed.  You could change from left to right side part, or from the middle to the side or from the side to the middle.  It will truly shock you how the simple act of having a different part every day will change your look!

03 Play and Tuck!!  
Tuck one side behind your ear. This gives you an asymmetrical look without cutting. It’s also very classy.  If it comes untucked or your hair is too heavy, use a barrette or bobby pin to secure it.

04 Bang It!!  
Bangs and/or framing around the face can change the look a cut without losing length…and there’s not too much commitment.

05 Bend It!!  
Get that iron out…put some curls in it…take random pieces and then break them up using just your fingers or a hair pick for a softer look.