Knowing how to choose the right hair products for yourself is nearly impossible and very confusing. We are influenced daily in the media, magazine ads, friends…acquaintances. How many of you have been at a party, or seen someone with lovely locks, and asked how they keep their hair looking so awesome? They tell you what they use, and you dutifully go to the store and purchase everything they told you to buy. You use them on your hair with little to no good results on your hair. Millions of dollars are spent every single year with consumers purchasing shampoos, conditioners, and styling products without the proper recommendation from the Hair Professional. 80% of the time, it’s wasted money.

On the back of each professional product, it states “exclusive salon product.”  It used to read “Product is not guaranteed if not recommended by a professional hairstylist,” and had the same meaning. Your hairstylist can touch, see and analyze your hair for the best recommendation. This will mean less wasted product purchases and less full bottles under your sink that you are not using. Think of the money you’ll save by buying the best product for your hair, too!

Before discussing with your hairstylist how to choose the right hair products you should use on your hair, ask yourself a few questions to determine what is important to you.

Of course, it is important to know that the recommended products are not tested on animals.

Is smell important to you, or lack of?

Is your hair too frizzy? Is that something that bothers you?

Is your hair too limp? You need some volume?

Does your hair just feel dry all of the time? You feel it needs a little drink?

Is your hair breaking or splitting too often?

Your professional stylist will easily be able to determine the correct product and USAGE of the product for your hair and your desires. After they have determined what will work best, they will help you choose the right hair products.

On that note, As YOUR hairstylist, I will determine – after extensive consultation – what products I recommend. Even if I do not carry the product, I will get it for you…and possibly even deliver it. My goal is for your hair to be the best it can possibly be. To get the look you want, let’s talk about what will work best on your hair.