When the decision to start coloring your hair is made, choosing the right hair color can be a daunting task. Some opt for their natural color to cover their gray, some prefer to make a statement with a bold color, while others just want to look their best, no matter what color that might be. Picking the right hair color for your face and overall look can make you appear years younger. It can brighten your facial features and even boost your morale.

Most stylists warn against going lighter than your skin because it can appear fake. Silver and white are brave colors to choose, but can look stunning if done right. Imitating the blonde you had when you were younger is generally flattering and red can be a dramatic change, though it’s easy to choose a color that ends up looking unnatural.

Accenting around your face with well-placed highlights can enhance your complexion, but don’t over highlight, which can make you look older. And stay away from chunky highlights, which make you look like you are following an outdated fad. Ombre is a popular and flattering look, though you should always opt for darker roots with lighter ends.

Call me to get a personalized consultation regarding which color will look best on you. I can help you find the color that makes you feel and look uniquely you!