Long, medium, or short hair does not matter as much as having a hairstyle that matches your personality and lifestyle. This is where it becomes very important to choose your hairstylist with care.  To achieve the style that works the absolute best for you, it is important to have a hairstylist that “gets you.” This is where consultation is key. Yet there are certain rules that apply and these have nothing to do with pressures of society, norms, or trends. It is simply about aesthetics. What length of hair is right for you?

If you did not look good with long hair in your younger years, that will not change when you get older and vice versa. But if you think your long, glamorous mane is one of your best assets and would like to continue flaunting it, make sure of the following:

• Add style. Do not let your hair just grow without any fine tuning. Layers, tapered sides, and/or wispy elements throughout not only add luxurious volume, they also soften your face and bring out the best of you.

• Careful with the bangs. Thick, straight fringes bring a lot of attention to the eyes. If that is an area that more lines and wrinkles frequent, you may want to stay away from them. Instead, opt for a soft, textured fringe if you really want to have one.

• If your hair is very thin, you should usually go for a medium-long or short cut.

• Avoid wearing tight little buns unless you spruce up the ballerina look with a pair of dramatic earrings, this look CAN help with a non-surgical type of face lift, depending on how tight you pull back.  Seriously.

Fabulous long hairstyles for grown-up women often include large waves, soft curls, tapered, face-framing sides with a lot of feathery texture.

Medium looks should also have soft lines, movement, and be in harmony with the face shape. Layers, long or short, is the magic word for long and medium haircuts. Movement, volume, and a visual softening makes layers the miraculous fairy dust in the world of hair.

Short hairstyles can have their own challenges as we age. Our hair does not only change its color, but also its texture and can become wiry, dry, and hard to control. Casual and chic blow dry looks may not be as easy to achieve anymore and you’ll either need more softening styling products or to opt for a new style that works with the feel of your hair.

Textured pixie cuts are a classic and very popular with many women. Just make sure that the ends have a fine texture and keep the cut groomed to avoid looking like a metal brush, especially when the hair is grey.  Wispy and expressive is good, but stay clear of the sharpened, needle-stiff spikes.