Perhaps an even bigger question than whether to wear the hair short or long is about the color. What is age appropriate hair color? First of all: relax. No decision about hair color is irreversible. So have fun with it! Whether your hair is turning grey and you are not ready for going all natural, you want to change it altogether, or to simply enhance your natural color, there are many color options and products available. Talk to your stylist about the perfect color that matches your skin tone and is expressive enough for your personality.

• Avoid very dark colors like black, blue-black, and very dark browns. These harsh colors will not look natural, especially when covering grey.

• Generally stick with a warm, natural hue that matches your skin tone and brings out the color of your eyes. When in doubt, go lighter rather than darker, since dark hair adds harshness and years. • Please avoid any shade of purple, pink, or light blue. No need to elaborate on this one.

• Highlights are the wonder weapon to look fresh and attractive. They soften the colors and add a flattering dimension to your hair.

• Grey can be the new blonde. It is sophisticated, chic, and sexy. Consider this before you pour on the pigments. If you don’t like the exact shade that comes to you naturally, try a precious silver or platinum color.

Unfortunately, more times than not, hair does not grey evenly.  It is normally very spotty, so those ladies and gents that have an evenly dispersed grey, should almost always go au naturale.